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A Thai yoga massage combines acupressure on energy lines of the body gentle stretching in yoga position.

It is an ancestral healing technique which takes roots in India more than 2,500 years ago, where it was used as real therapy. 

The massage enhancse the blood circulation, releases tensions and stress. It is beneficial for people suffering with lower back pain, knee pain, headache or digestion problems. 

Through the movement, Thai yoga Massage offers a unique feeling of well-being and deep relaxation. It offers a meditative state for both, giver and receiver.

Thai Yoga Massage
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The session takes place on the ground comfortably installed on a massage tatami.

After analyzing the recipient's needs and/or contraindication, the session can begin.

We will visit the positions on the back, on the side, on the stomach and then the sitting positions. We will finish with the neck, the head and the face.

The facial massage is performed by movements and acupressure points with the help of essential oils.  

Prices* :  

One person :  

Start at 150€

  • Thai Yoga massage is a therapeutic massage, the sessions are designed to act on the whole body. A format of 90 minutes or more is recommended in order to obtain greater benefits. The 60-minute formats are on request and do not include the head and face massage.  

  • The session can take place in French or in English.

  • We travel to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, to your home or to the location of your choice with all the necessary equipment (massage tatami, cushions, plaids, etc.).

* Rates depending on location.





I am Emmanuelle, Thai Yoga Massage practitioner since 2018.

I learned mainly in India and Thailand during long stays where Thai Yoga Massage, Qi-Gong and meditation meet.

My practice is thus inspired by all these disciplines, to which is added my anatomical knowledge of the human body acquired during my previous careers as a fitness and Pilates instructor.


I am Nathan, I am from USA and I have been traveling all over the world for more than twenty years. Being a traveler and witnessing the incredible beauty of mother nature through my eyes and camera has truly be a blessing.

In 2017, I found my home in a shape of an art with Thai Yoga Massage. Since then, I have expanded my family with Thai massage practitioners from all over the world that became my friends, brothers and sisters and even part of my every day life with my wife, Emmanuelle.

I believe in the power of healing touch and look forward to share it with you.  




"A great time spent thanks to Emmanuelle and her Thai yoga massage. I feel relaxed, stretched, revitalized and full of energy. The pressure points performed are very effective. I feel like I have evacuated a lot of negative things. In short, I feel terribly good after this massage, which is out of the ordinary. Emmanuelle is also incredibly gentle and pleasant."


"Very nice surprise, the discovery of a technique that deserves to be developed.
A moment of pure relaxation
A moment suspended, time stops and well-being invades you.
A real addiction
A great professionalism with gentleness and kindness."


"A pure moment of relaxation and peace with her body, where Emmanuelle takes care of her from head to toe with rigor and kindness."

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