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Pilates method is named for its creator Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

This method is based on a serie of low impact exercices and follow some principles such as centering and concentration

We learn to practice the mouvement with fluidity, control and precision.

We also put the emphasize on a proper postural alignment, to improve our core strenght, flexibility and coordination. 

During a Pilates Matwork session, in addition to the mat we can use other materials such as Swiss ball, foam roller or ring. 

Remise en forme, Saint-Tropez - France

Fitness workout are design according to your needs and goals, wether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just release the tensions.

All the fitness classes combined strenght and cardio. It can be a full body workout or focused on a specific part. (upper body, lower body, abs exercices, Hiit training)

If your physical condition allows more intensity workouts, I always favorised interval training exercices which for me give the best results, using only body weight or light weight. 

Every session can be practiced indoor or outdoor with every day a brand new set of exercices for more fun!

A training session will start with a warming up, following by the workout.

Stretching will be done at the end of each session.  

- Duration :  60mn. 

- Prices  : Start from 70 euros

- Training is for everyone, all level. 

- Languages : sessions can be given in French or in English.​

- I am providing my services in the Bay of Saint-Tropez, at your home or any places more suitable for you.

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